NWRC Technical Staff:

Name: Prof Khaled Abdel Hai
Position: NWRC President
Email: Khaled_ramadan@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Numerical, Physical Hydrodynamic and Morphological Modelling
* Water Quality Modeling
* Field measurements and hydrometric data analysis
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Name: Prof Salwa Abou ElElla
Position: Vice President for Research Plan Affairs
Email: Salwa_abou-elella@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Water resources management.
* Water treatment.
* Aquatic weed management.
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Name: Prof Hesham Mostafa
Position: Vice President for Research Board Affairs
Email: Hesham_Mostafa@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Water Management
* Capacity Building and Training
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Name: DR Dr. Alaa Sakr
Position: Researcher and Senior Technical Officer, NWRC
Email: alaa_sakr@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Irrigation Engineering
* Modern Irrigation systems
* Water Management
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Name: DR Mohamed Roushdy
Position: Secretary General
Email: mohamed_roushdy@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Hydraulic Engineering
* Coastal Engineering
* Projects Management of water related Projects
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Name: DR Aiman El Saadi
Position: Secretary General and, Associate Professor
Email: aiman_el-saadi@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Engineering and Environmental Management
* Engineering and Environmental Modeling
* GIS and Remote Sensing
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Name: DR Rameen Sayed Abdeltawab Abdelhady
Position: Associate Professor and Water Science Journal Managing Editor
Email: rameen_abdel-hady@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Electrical power engineering
* Renewable energy/ Nexus
* Mathematical modelling
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Name: DR Mohie Omar
Position: Associate Professor and Senior Technical Officer
Email: mohie_el-din@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Water Resources Planning
* ECO Hydrology
* Water Quality Management
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Name: DR Islam Sabry Al Zayed
Position: Researcher and Senior Technical Officer
Email: islam_alzayed@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* GIS & Remote Sensing
* Water Harvesting
* Irrigation water management
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Name: DR Mohamed El Sayed Embaby
Position: Head of Central GIS Unit
Email: mohamed_embaby@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* GIS and Remote Sensing
* Water Resources Management
* Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
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Name: ENG Mohamed Ali Nower
Position: Associate Researcher
Email: mohamed_nower@nwrc.gov.eg
Area of Expertise:
* Water Scarcity
* Water, Food, Energy Nuxes
* Solar pond
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