Opening of the 24th annual course on "Hydraulic Engineering in River Basins"

Under the leadership of the President of the National Water Research Center, the Opening Ceremony of the 24th annual course on "Hydraulic Engineering in River Basins" has been held on Sunday, 15/12/2019. The is organized to take place during the 15 December 2019 – 5 March 2020 at the Hydraulics Research Institute Regional Training Center. 20 participants from different Nile Basin Countries are attending the course including: Sudan – South Sudan – Rwanda – Kenya – Tanzania – DRC – and Egypt. The objectives of this course are to strengthen the capacity of the trainees in the area of water sciences, to create a platform between professionals from different countries, to exchange knowledge and experience and to increase the understanding of natural river processes and the consequences of human interventions in these processes. In addition, the course will contribute to the ability of hydraulic engineers to design not only smaller but also larger structures in river and canal systems, including the solution of a variety of practical problems dealing with water. At the end of this course, the Trainees will be qualified to play a more prominent role in many tasks dealing with the wise use of surface water resources in their country.