A New Non-Conventional Device for Rainwater Harvesting and Evaporation Collection

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr. Reda Mohamed Ali Hassan, researcher at the Coastal Research Institute (CoRI) of the National Water Research Center (NWRC), has been granted a patent for inventing a new non-conventional device for rainwater harvesting and collected evaporated water from low (shallow) salt lakes, contaminated water bodies or drainage lakes. Introduction and Device description Water demand for sustainable development has become the biggest challenge in the world. For that reason, several researches have been carried out to find new non-conventional water devices for the utilization of rainwater harvesting and collected evaporated water. Thus, the aim of this device is to be used for rainwater harvesting and collecting evaporated water from salt and brackish shallow water lakes near costal zones. Within this context, floating square-shaped units containing 16 circular units (10mx10m) were developed. The single device form 5 m2 and the number of repeated circular units of the device constituting 78% coverage of the water surface below the device. It should be noted that the floating square-shaped units can be installed on the shore by means of the using the external components of the device. This device can be used as a tool to collect evaporated water through plastic translucent cone-shaped condenser. The collected evaporated water will then pass through the evaporator, where the collected water will be condensed again and will be collected in plastic floating containers to be used to cultivate some plants, especially medicinal plants for the economic importance of these plants. The device comprises four main components as follows: - 1- Condenser: (the upper section), 2- Evaporator: (the middle section), 3- Containers: (lower section), 4- External components The new device has the advantage of harvesting rainwater and using it for floating agriculture. It condenses water vapor through a ceramic or plastic condenser that is isolated without the need for any kind of energy but exploits the temperature difference between condensed and evaporated water. It's worth mentioning that Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) has granted Dr. Reda Hassan the patent on his newly-invented device, where this new was published in the Patent newspaper. In this regard, the Presidency of the National Water Research Center has the pleasure to congratulate Dr. Reda for his remarkable achievements in the field of scientific research, and wishing all the success.

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