Water Science Journal

In a new scientific achievement of the National Water Research Center (NWRC). The Water Science Journal, of the NWRC, is currently being published on and was recently listed at three important indexes for scientific publishing: - The GEOBASE Index of the International publisher "Elsevier", which is specialized in the indexing of journals published in the field of geoscience and the environment. The "Elsevier" is the publisher responsible for the Scopus index. - The InSpec Index of Engineering and Technology (UK) – formerly known as Electrical Engineers (IEE) – is an index of wide-range coverage in electronics, communications, computers, programming, computer science, control engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, physics, manufacturing, production, and mechanical engineering. - Wang Fang Data Co. Index, affiliate to a company of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. This index provides access to a wide range of database resources, operates as a portal for culture, medicine, trade, sciences, engineering, …etc. #NWRC_EGYPT #Water Science #Taylor&Francis

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