Joint Cooperation between the National Water Research Center and the Nile Water Sector

Within the framework of enhancing the joint, effective and integral relations of cooperation among the different sectors and bodies of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI). On Sunday, 4th October 2020, the Channel Maintenance Research Institute (CMRI) of the National Water Research Center (NWRC), together with the Nile Water Sector (NWS) of the MWRI, has recently signed a joint research contract on the project entitled “Aquatic Weed Management in Landing Sites in Lakes Kuoga and Albert, Uganda – Phase II). The objectives of the contract are: 1) supporting and assessing aquatic weed mechanical control; in addition to 2) facilitating daily life and overcoming the obstacles that face farmers and fishermen in coastal areas. In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, CMRI has conducted some survey works at Lakes Kuoga and Albert to perform the following activities: 1) control spreading of aquatic weeds, 2) analyse satellite images and generate maps, 3) purchase manual control equipment, 4) apply manual and mechanical weeds’ control, 5) purchase and install bio-gas units to take advantage of the removed weeds in the production of biogas, and 6) organize workshops for professionals and stakeholders in Uganda. CMRI will also undertake the design and supervision of establishing two wires at the study Landing Sites in Lakes Kuoga and Albert to control aquatic weeds, as well as the design and supervision of establishing two waterfowls with a total length of 40 m and 2 m width for obtaining clean drinking water, fishing and to be used as a dock for fishing boats.

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