Water Resources:

Monitoring the spread of aquatic weeds and reducing their losses in Water ways. The project aims to periodic monitoring and evaluation of the growth of the different types of aquatic weeds in terms of infection rates and areas, as well as identifying the most affected places to determine the best ways to resist aquatic weeds spread in both irrigation and drainage networks, River Nile and its branches, Nasser and Nubian lakes.

Water harvesting artificial lakes:

It aims at harvesting flood water in vulnerable areas such as Sinai region for the purpose of flood hazards’ protection as well as utilizing the harvested water in irrigation.

Improving Water Management Techniques at Irrigation Districts Level:

Improving the efficiency of water management in the irrigation districts in order to enhance the equity of water distribution and the irrigation efficiency. This should be achieved through building the capacities of the staff in the irrigation districts to develop their capability in calculating water requirements, using modern technologies in water levels and discharges recording and measurements, and applying the mathematical models and its analysis in water management.