Prof. Mohammed Abdel hady Rady:

Birth and Origin: -
• Born in the village of Sahel Al-Jawaber Al-Shuhadaa Center - Menoufia Governorate - November 1939.
• Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University, 1962.
• Master of Civil Engineering, Cairo University, 1967.
• PhD in Hydraulics, "Mechanics of Rivers", Poland 1977.
• Diploma in Economics, Institute of Economic Development, Washington (USA) 1973, especially since its political preoccupation after the occupation and the boiling of the Egyptian street was unable to accomplish anything in the Ministry of Works.
• Several training courses in the fields of irrigation and drainage in Egypt and abroad.
  The most important positions held by: -
• He started as an engineer in the Experimental and Research Station at Al-Qanatir Charity in 1962.
• Director of Technical Office of the Minister of Irrigation 1976 to 1985.
• Director of the Research Institute of Water Distribution and Irrigation Methods 1985 to 1988.
• Director of the regional project of the Food and Agriculture Organization of Jordan in 1988 to 1990.
• Director, Water Distribution and Irrigation Research Institute, 1990-1992.
• Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Drainage Projects 1991 to 1993.
• Regional Director of the United Nations Integrated Water and Irrigation Management Project 1990-1993, the main headquarters of Cairo and includes 8 Arab countries.
• Minister of Labor on 14 October 1993 in the Ministry of Dr. Atef Sedky.
• Member of a number of international committees in the field of irrigation, drainage and water resources.
• Participated in several books on irrigation and drainage issued by the Ministry of Irrigation.
• He visited all countries of the Nile Basin and most of the countries of Africa and the Americas.