Opening Statement by H.E. Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation at the Ordinary Meeting of the NSAS-JA

As a side event of the Fourth Cairo Water Week that is currently held in Cairo (24-28 October 2021), H.E. Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt gave an opening speech at the 21st ordinary meeting of the Joint Authority for the Study and Development of the NUBIAN Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS-JA) It is worth mentioning that Egypt – represented in the National Water Research Center (NWRC) – is currently acting as the Chair of the NSAS-JA. On the other hand, the NWRC Vice President for Research Board Affairs gave a speech on behalf of the NWRC President who apologized for not attending due to health condition. During the meeting, the heads of the delegations’ form Libya, Chad and Sudan gave speeches where they expressed their appreciation for contributing in the Cairo Water Week and for visiting Egypt. In his opening speech, H.E. Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt addressed the activities that are being undertaken in the fields of groundwater and the water problems in the Nubian Aquifer. He addressed the Member States of the Aquifer to attempt providing adequate life style, to reduce water losses, to improve the efficiency of water delivery and to maximize the utilization of water per drop. At the end of the meeting, H.E. gave symbolic gifts to the heads and members of the delegations from three States #NWRC #NWRC_CWW #CWW