The results of the first competition entitled "Call for Proposals"

The National Water Research Center (NWRC) has the pleasure to announce the results of the first competition entitled "Call for Proposals" organized last July. The competition addressed researchers to submit innovative research proposals to be funded by the NWRC. The evaluation committee approved ten research proposals that obtained the highest score out of the total of 45 research proposals. The committee also declared that all of the submitted proposals were of a good quality. The NWRC wishes the success for all the applicants in the next competition. Accordingly, the winners are asked to send their project proposal in its final form ASAP, including some detailed data including the names of the teamwork, the project implementation action plan and the detailed budget items of the proposed project by Sunday, September 13, as the project is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 15. With sincere wishes of good luck to the esteemed researchers.